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Hello Mommy!

My name is Lauren and I am an experienced Newborn Care Specialist and Sleep Trainer. I am sure you have been overwhelmed lately and that is why you are here. You want to sleep again, feel like yourself again, and thrive in every aspect… not just as a mommy–but as a friend, a partner, and an individual. I am here to help you regain balance in your new normal and rediscover you. I am here to help you get back to that woman or man who thrives in every way. But more importantly to get back to FEELING YOU again.

A sleeping baby is the new happy hour.

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My Journey

Hi there! I’m Lauren, your new mommy friend. I’m just over the moon to meet you and your precious little bundle of joy! I’ve been caring for teeny tiny babies for over 20 years now – I just can’t get enough of those cute little faces!

It all started back when my mother opened up our home to foster newborns and infants. That’s when I discovered my calling. After I flew the coop, I put all my infant expertise to use as a nanny in the big city. Then in 2012, I started my own company to help other mommies find the best childcare around.

But my heart kept drawing me back to caring for those precious little newborns. I just had to learn everything I could to help them sleep soundly through the night – and to help the whole family thrive during those chaotic first months home with baby. Now I’m just overjoyed to use all my years of experience to help you and your little bundle get the best start possible. Let’s do this, mama!

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Mommy Rescue

Every person, every baby, every family is different.

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Tell me what's going on, what the problem is, and what you are wanting. We will make sure within this discovery call that I am the right person to help.


The questionnaire will help me better understand what is REALLY going on.


We will jump on a call and talk about "the plan". Whether that is sleep training, virtual sleep training, or a plan and support.

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Hello Mommy!

We’re so excited to meet your sweet little baby! When you’re ready, let’s set up a time that works for you so we can see that cute new addition. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need anything at all – we want to support you during this special time. Wishing you lots of joy with your new arrival!

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